Best ways To Control Mosquitoes At Home

It is a fact that mosquitoes need water to breed. Average female adult mosquitoes lay eggs in slow moving or stagnant water, in some cases moist soil and leaf litter or in other areas that are most likely to collect water. If you take action in eradicating these unwanted water sources, you can control the mosquito population in your home. Do you know that Miami fights Zika with Mosquito Control? Then take a serious interest in these mosquito control methods at home.

Best Ways To Control Mosquitoes At Home

No water in containers

Drill holes in the bottom part of your garbage containers that sdgfdgfdgfdgdfgdfgare situated outdoors. These holes will ensure that there won’t be any accumulated water in the container for mosquitoes to breed. Drain any water holding containers at least twice a week and after every downpour. Non-chlorinated wading pools, bird and foot baths, garbage cans and potteries are perfect breeding grounds, so ensure to drain flower pot holders and change drinking water for your pets every day.

Drain water water spots

Survey around your yard after a spot of rain, and try to look for areas in your yard that do not drain well. If there are water puddles that remain for three or more days after the rain, reclaim the area. Decorative garden ponds must be aerated to have the water moving as this would discourage the mosquitoes from making your pond as their breeding area. In addition to that, you might as well place mosquito-eating fish to aid in controlling mosquitoes in the area.

Keep lawn and bushes less bushy

Adult mosquitoes are nocturnal creatures by nature, they tend to rest during the day, and they prefer tall weeds and other similar vegetation. To make your home less convenient for mosquitoes, you must mow your lawn regularly and pull out weeds from your surrounding area. To control the mosquito population, lower parts of shade trees, shrubs and other similar shady areas can be treated with insecticides.

Clean gutters

Keep your gutters clean and clog free. Ensure that your rain downspouts are in good working condition and eliminate water puddles near your drainage area. It would be best to place downspout extension to lead water away from your home.

Swimming pool control

xfgfgfdhfghfghfghAlways keep your swimming pools chlorinated and cleaned even if it is seldom used. Non-chlorinated swimming pools if left for a long time becomes an ideal venue for a mosquito hatchery.


Keep in mind to always follow the label instructions before using any form of pesticide. If you have sufficient funds and resources but have the time to do the job, you might as well employ the services of a professional exterminator to handle your mosquito problems.


FAQs About Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder bugs derive their name from the fact that they often thrive and live on and on boxelder trees. These bugs feed on the seeds, leaves, and flowers and may also feed on fruits such as apples or plums. Even though they do not cause damage, these bugs can become a real nuisance if they invade your home in large numbers. In any case, not a lot of people get amused by large bugs creeping in and out of cracks, windows, walls or furniture.dqadwqwdsdsdfgv

If you have boxelder trees around your home, you may have had an experience with these insects, and if not, PestWiki.com might be of great help when it comes to identifying and controlling boxelder bugs. Below are some common concerns about boxelder bugs.

How can I get rid of them?

Physical removal is the only practical way of getting rid of boxelder bugs that get into your home. Squashing them is highly discouraged as it can stain the surface on which the bug is killed. You can get rid of them by gathering them up using a vacuum with a long hose. You can also spray the bugs directly with a solution of soap and water and sweep the dead ones with a vacuum or broom.

Is there a way I can keep the bugs off my home?

You can keep the bugs off by spraying a residual insecticide on the exterior walls of your home. This helps by deterring the bugs from landing. However, this method is more effective during spring or fall when the bugs are starting to emerge. Once the cold weather sets in, the residual may not remain as effective.

How can I keep the bugs away from my home permanently?

The best and the most permanent way of keeping boxelder bugs away is by cutting down the maple and boxelder trees near or around your home. This is because the bugs rely on these trees for food and breeding during the summer. By getting rid of them, the bugs will have to look for other breeding and feeding grounds.

ryu56j76yri6rt7i67i8How do I know whether the bugs on my walls are Boxelder bugs?

Boxelder bugs are black with three red stripes, red lines on the edge of their wings, and vertical edge lines on the bodies. They also measure about half an inch long.

What attracts boxelder bugs into my home?

It is very likely to have these bugs in or around your home if you have boxelder or maple tree to which the bugs are attracted to. The bugs are also attracted to the warm, sunny home sides when they begin to look for shelter in the fall, as they prepare for the coming cold months.